Interior Design in Haifa

The challenge

Small 27 square meters apartment, 4.5 meters tall with no natural light.

Smart, efficient design, maximal use of the small space and creating a flexible, modern and easy-going living environment.

Valuing the location and its history and integrating both the indoors and outdoors.

A Little Wild

  • Designing a small apartment with high ceilings (27 square meters, 4.5 meters in height) – and very little natural light – To maximize the usage of space and create a flexible, modern, relaxed and multi-functional apartment (including a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and of course – A luxurious bedroom).
    To take full advantage of the space available we utilized the high ceilings to create a gallery that functions as a bedroom suite. The gallery was built right above the bathroom and kitchen, 12 square meters in size, while the lounge still had the benefit of the 4.5 square meters high ceilings.
  • Paying homage to the location and its history, incorporating the indoors and outdoors as well as the past and present – Innovative design inspired by the modern atmosphere of Downtown Haifa.
    The challenge we faced meant that we needed to create a welcoming space at the heart of Downtown Haifa, an old and still slightly run-down area that, up until a few years ago, was mainly used by the local port for trade. The building itself was built in 1947 during the British Mandate in Israel. As part of the new strategy of Haifa’s municipality, extensions of the Haifa University and several colleges were established, the trading areas were converted into areas full of recreational spots and art galleries and a wave of artists and students began to settle there. The space we created corresponds with the youthful, urban and subversive environment that’s been developed in the area, emphasizing the connection between the indoors and outdoors as well as local history. One of the key elements that express this connection is the flooring on the main level and the bathrooms – 80\80 cm black and white pattern made by Negev Ceramics. The pattern resembles mid-20th century floors, however, it’s still different from the 20\20 cm floors that commonly seen on the Israeli retro market, giving the space a more modern touch. We also incorporated lightly photo-shopped images from the Haifa archives in the living room and kitchen from the British Mandate era.
  • Working with a low, achievable budget, as well as meeting the demands of the contractor, to create a short-term rental apartment for artists coming into Downtown Haifa for inspiration.

Materials were selected to meet the demands of the contractor. Wavy sheet metal was used to cover two of the 4.5 meter walls so that the element is visible from both levels. This inexpensive, easy-to-get material has a rugged, dominant industrial feel and an interesting texture. We placed it horizontally to create the illusion of width and spaciousness.
The gallery was built with iron bars painted in white, which were then covered with sheet metal and cement boards. The exposed raw materials not only allowed us to cut costs – they also contributed to the design we envisioned. The Jacuzzi was covered in black ceramic tiles and the carefully selected textile elements and accessories gave the bedroom a softer, cozier feel.

Photography: Yossi Stybel

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