Designing Loft Apartments

The challenge

Being inspired by the urban environment and using available materials, turning trash into artistic objects.

Turning a disadvantage into an advantage, concealing the fact that the frontal window looks onto the parking lot.

Accentuating the advantageous height of the space.

Sample apartment – loft in an ecological design

This duplex loft apartment is part of the “Kedmat Deniya” project.  It is was originally designed as a sample loft by the contractor however due to is unique build it was labeled as a ‘bachelor pad’—this label was the basis of the design plan.  Although sample apartments are usually built to serve the majority of the clientele, this proves that a uniquely designed apartment can also be used as a sample. The results of this design venture—a distinctive urban style loft apartment

The design approach was to imagine a loft in a large, bustling city and to bring out that

one-of-a-kind metropolitan feeling.

Then high ceiling of the loft is accentuated and focused on in order to make the apartment seem more spacious.  The monochromatic coloring of white-grey-black has splashes of red incorporated, which are minute but stand out non-the-less.  The grey floor, reminiscent of cement, certainly adds to the urban design.  In the space there are also industrial and recycled items incorporated, like with the dining table and at the headboard of the bed in the bedroom.  These ‘leftover’ pieces of unused raw material show that anything can be beautiful and aesthetic and it also follows the ecological “green’ trend.

The lighting is a central element in the design; it combines light fixtures that are hidden and others that are semi-industrial and prominent, they play a game with lights and shadows in the space.  In addition, in order to soften the ambiance there is also “super sized” decorative lighting used, which comes down from the high ceiling of the bedroom.

To emphasis the urban design style wallpaper used is a black and white photo of the New York City skyline in which there is a conspicuous red tree integrated.  The “tree” represents nature and how un-city-like it is and brings about a modern metropolitan humor.  Warmth and coldness flow through the loft which is a result of the urban design but it is still very clear that this is a living space.

The theme in all of Hilits interior designs is to maximize the potential of each space, turning the negative aspects in positive ones, which is obvious in this particular space.  Specifically in the fact that the apartment has a view of the parking lot and in order to detract from this negative aspect of the apartment floor length roman drapes were used on the window in the center of the living area, this takes focus off of the lack of a view and puts it on the impressively high ceilings.  In addition the use of the wallpaper as a prominent element in the space draws attention away from the problem area.

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