Designing a Luxurious Lobby

The challenge

Creating a safe, comfortable space with a unique aesthetic for both the residents and visitors of the project.

Creating a space that caters to the tastes of all residents while still being unique.


Sumptuous lobby in prestigious tower

A pleasant surprise awaits those who enter the lobby of this apartment building.  An impressively high ceiling and a combination of colors and shapes create a striking, exiting and unique entry way.

Only recently has the lobby of an apartment building been taken so high into consideration.  Designer lobbies, found in new buildings and in older ones that needed renovation, call for an interior that is inviting.

The project is an example of this new approach to lobby design; it was planned by the contractor of the new building in order to have an impressive entrance and have a “WOW” effect on residents and guests alike.

Along with the new approach to designing lobbies the actually design style has also changed.  It has become less conservative and more innovative and bold.

This particular lobby is chic and modern, visually clean with a touch of drama.

The 60×60 cm. lobby floor is black granite porcelain, which is both classic and dramatic.  To establish a sculpted look different plaster elements were used.  ‘Hovering’ benches were built that incorporate hidden peripheral LED lighting.  In addition there are also unique light fixtures used, which were built especially for this space.  The light fixtures are made of red, translucent Perspex in different geometric shapes; they are located throughout the space creating attention-grabbing ‘light sculptures’. Furthermore, there is also sunken in and more functional lighting.

There are generously sized windows facing the view in the lobby that create a link between interior and exterior.

There is also light used between a plaster ceiling built in addition to the regular ceiling.  This style creates a lit up, sculpted and sophisticated ceiling.

To achieve the perfect ambiance there is also a red sitting are with black decorative items.

This design plan resulted in an impeccably designed lobby that catches the eye with its classically dramatic red-black-white color palette.

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