Interior Design in Zikhron Ya’akov

The challenge

Dividing a small 24 square meter space into three separate sections.

Fully taking advantage of the space without jeopardizing the feeling of expansiveness and comfort.

Global Change

Offices of a financial society

The limited available space is what created a challenge for the designer of the business. The nature of the business required to divide the space into three separate spaces: the space facing the public and to get customers from the outside, space activity teller behind the counter and the private interior space.

Planning included the division of space to these spaces, as well as a the combination of the colorful logo and space, to create a distinct brand identity. This is done by combining the bright red color, contained in the logo colors, also to the  different elements in space and by creating a clean and appropriate universal logo (globe), which was combined on one wall.

The space separation formed a private quiet and intimate space  detached from the public  crowded street, where customers are focused on the purpose they  entered this space.

To the space that its design is clean yet colorful style  incorporated the  bright dramatic red also to the glass partitions, that mesh with transparent and milky glass to create visual interest. Also incorporated into the different types of lighting – fluorescence accompanied by spotlights as well as spotlights sunk into the plaster ceiling.

The final product – a business whose limited area is well utilizing its functional needs, which its universal aesthetic appearance conveys a clean, inventive and  visually speaks the same language of the logo and brand values.

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